AFS Super League: Final Results!

March 25th, 2011 | by M0VFC |

Last October, the RSGB announced the creation of the new Affiliated Societies “Super League”: the combination of the results in the four AFS contests starting with 2m in December, then two 80m (CW and SSB) events in January, and finally 70cm in February.

It sounded like fun, so a few of us decided we should put in an entry. My goal at the start was to get us a “certificate of achievement”, by coming in the top half of the table in each of the four events. I thought this was probably going to be tough, but was optimistic we could manage it. We teamed up with the Cambridge University Wireless Society to tap some of their HF expertise, and had a lot of fun over the next few months.

The final results are now out, and we came second out of 90 clubs – an outstanding achievement!

The series got off to a good start in the 2m event, with Gavin M1BXF and Colin G8TMV taking second place in the Open section, operating as G3PYE/P in Flossie. They were joined in the “A” team by Colin G4ERO and Lawrence M0LCM at Colin’s QTH, Geoff G0DDX and Tony G4NBS at Geoff’s, Rob M0VFC at his, and Martin G3ZAY, Dom M0BLF and Michael G7VJR operating from the all-new CUWS shack, G6UW. The Camb-Hams A team came third overall, and our B team, manned by M3YJW, G0BOE, G6KWA, G1SAA and G4BAO were 25th. Two teams weren’t enough, though, and G4HUN, M3ZCB and M1MAJ also helped fill a C team.

Next up was the 80m CW leg. This promised to be our biggest challenge from the start, and various factors conspired against us in the run-up. Martin G3ZAY operated from G6UW, and Dom M0BLF from Flossie. Michael G7VJR battled a horrendously painful ear infection, but still managed over 100 QSOs, and Andy, G4KNO joined us to complete the first team. Colin G4ERO dusted off the paddle, entering his first CW contest to give us a B team as well. We ended up 24th of 91 teams – plenty high enough to get into the top half of the table.

80m SSB soon came around, and with it a different linear for Flossie, this time allowing us to run 400w rather than the 100w we’d been reduced to for the CW leg. Sadly the generator noise was not cured. Rob M0VFC and Tom M0TOC operated as G3PYE, Martin G3ZAY put in a superb score from Bob G3PJT’s shack, Dom M0BLF likewise from G6UW, and Colin G8TMV and Gavin M1BXF operated from Gavin’s station. Of course, entering more than one team was becoming typical by now, and G4KNO, G6KWA, 2E0JYK and M3ZCB entered a complete B team, with M1MAJ and M0LCM forming a third C team. Our A team came 6th: a very good result in a most competitive contest!

Finally, it was time for 70cm. Those of you who remember the week of exceptionally strong winds in February: that was when 70cm AFS was! Suffice it to say, we were all rather nervous when it came to putting up the masts that morning. This time, Gavin M1BXF and Bob G1SAA operated from Flossie, Tony G4NBS joined Chris, G4VHF at Chris’s, and Dave, G6KWA operated portable from Thurfield, forming our A team, coming 7th. Colin, G4ERO joined Rob M0VFC at his, and they were joined by John G4BAO, and Martin G3ZAY and Dom M0BLF from G6UW for a very well-placed B team, coming 11th. M0LCM, M1MAJ and M3ZCB together came 27th, and a record D team of M6ROK and M0TOC finished 34th. Mike, M6ROK also got a certificate as the leading foundation station in the open category – well done, Mike! Icom also loaned us their IC-910 for this event, giving us more power at G4VHF – thanks, guys!

And so, with the series out of the way, we awaited the results. M0VFC may have spent rather too long with Excel spreadsheets and the claimed scores list, but nothing was certain until the official results were published – and at long last, here they are:

A huge well done, and thank you, to everyone who helped out, either by operating, providing equipment, shacks, tea and cake, moral support, or just for tolerating my spam on the mailing list while we were organising it.

Here’s looking forward to December when it all starts again!

Rob, M0VFC

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