Sunday – April 19th 2009: 2345pm (By MM1BXF)

April 19th, 2009 | by m1bxf |

We have had a good run of contacts today, both on HF and VHF. As I write this we have broken the 750 contacts mark with 753 QSOs on all bands, all modes, see our logbook here for a breakdown. We moved over to Rob M0VFCs own logbook today (which he made in less than 12 hours, that included 9 hours sleep) and it has made computer logging so much easier for everyone. HF has been so good we have re-tasked the 6m station to HF so at one time we were on 20m data as well as 40m and 80m SSB, we are still on 80m but have pointed the spiderbeam to America on 20m and contacts are going into the log right now.

Talking of the spiderbeam here are some pictures from today to give you a flavour for it, and the general antenna setup around the cottage.


(The Camb-Hams spiderbeam – Look at the clear sky!)


(The antenna setup around the cottage, VHF on the left and spiderbeam on the right)


(Both HF SSB stations in action. Rob M0VFC left and Neil G4HUN right)

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