Wednesday – April 15th, 2009 (by M1BXF)

April 15th, 2009 | by m1bxf |

We all got together yesterday and done a final equipment check. We also made up a good run of cable for the VHF rotator as we thought it necessary to upgrade from the light duty one we used last year. We only got our hands on our new (literally new, it was still in the box when bought) Ham IV rotator last week.


(Gavin and Bob attaching the Ham IV rotator to the base made by Geoff G0DDX)

The trailer was also fully packed yesterday and all the antennas firmly cable-tied on. Bob G1SAA’s radio and amp are with Voi for transport. Gavin M1BXF’s radios and amp are now ready for collection by Voi tomorrow. I’m glad the radios were packed yesterday as last night a big thunderstorm came through Cambridgeshire at 3.30am! There is more lightning tonight but further to the north as a write this.


(All this needs to go onto or in the trailer)


(Amazingly all that did fit on or in the trailer)

Also, as promised I’ve done the plots for the bandpass filters;

80m_Filter 40m_Filter 20m_Filter


(80m / 40m / 20m / 15m bandpass filter plots)

Only one more day to do till we leave!

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