Who Are We?

The Camb-Hams were formed in early 2006 as the social and public-facing side of the Cambridgeshire Repeater Group (CRG) who themselves formed from the original PYE Telecommunications Radio Club; hence the contest and activation callsigns of G3PYE & G6PYE, although membership of the CRG is not compulsory.  The Camb-Hams are made up of people from many of, but not exclusively, the various Cambridge radio groups including CUWS (Cambridge University Wireless Society), CDARC (Cambridge and District Amateur Radio Club) and Cambridge RAYNET.  It provides a common forum for us all to work together and has been very successful in increasing the activity in the Cambridge area.

We meet on-air via the CRG’s VHF and UHF FM Voice repeaters, and at regular monthly Pye and Pint nights held on the first Wednesday of every month. Our contesting side, using the CRG callsigns G3PYE & G6PYE, aims to provide an opportunity for non-contest operators to have a go, whilst putting a concerted effort into entering a particular contest. A coffee machine, electric pizza oven and beer fridge are regulars at the Camb-Hams contests.

Since 2006 we have been active in VHF contests including VHF NFDs, attending rallies in Belgium, Holland and Germany anually and activated DX’peditions from the Scottish Isles of Mull, Harris and Monachs and in 2010 the Camb-Hams started becoming active in the weekly RSGB UKAC and VHF contests.


Photo taken at the 2017 RSGB VHF NFD

GS3PYE/P DX’Peditions

We have a dedicated site for when doing some interesting DX’pedition type activities.


Please visit the Events page for all (past and future) events.

The Camb-Hams meet monthly for Pye and Pints. Note that from September 2018, we are moving to the White Horse, Milton. Food no longer needs to be ordered in advance.

Latest News

For all news stories please visit the news page.

First Camb-Hams weekly net

On 11th December 2018, we held the first Camb-Hams net on GB3PI.

Nine members took part, with 2E0GUA keeping us all in some form of order!

We’re hoping to make this a regular feature, at 18:30 local time on GB3PI – do join us if you’re in the area.

G100RSGB; Thursday and Friday (19-20th July)

On Thursday and Friday (19-20th July), we will be activating G100RSGB, the RSGB Centenary callsign from Worts Causeway. Everyone is welcome.

The location: http://bit.ly/WortsCauseway

We’ll be on air from 0000Z (1am local time) Thursday until 2359Z Friday (1am Saturday morning), which means we will be setting up from 6pm (local) Wednesday evening, and clearing away on Saturday morning.

Please do come and visit at any time throughout that period – you’re welcome to operate if you wish (we’ll have several stations on 80m-10m, 6m, 2m and 23cm), or you can enjoy the sunshine we’re predicted to have.

We’ll have a BBQ on the go for much of the time – feel free to bring something to cook if you wish (though don’t bring an excess, please – otherwise we end up with a lot of wasted food at the end).

One small point – because there’s no mains power on site, we’re running everything on generators. Not a problem, but it does mean that over the 48 hours of operation plus setup, we will burn somewhere around £250 of petrol. If you’re visiting and are able to make a small contribution to this, that would be much appreciated.

If you can’t visit us – please work us instead!

We’ll try and monitor GB3PY when possible, and will keep our Twitter account (http://twitter.com/g3pye) updated throughout.


Rob, M0VFC

23cm Contest Station

One of our main objectives in the Camb-Hams contest side of the group is improving the technical aspects of the stations.  For 23cm Gavin M1BXF done just that by building a masthead system which incorporated the preamp and transmit amp.

2012-07-30 21.11.22

2012-04-01 21.14.53

Our average adjudicated position average jumped from 4.4 to 2, happy days…


See the full project details on Gavin webpage.

Flossie Insulation

Back in September 2012 Joe M0ZRN and Gavin M1BXF started insulating the roof on Flossie as at times on UKAC’s it got a little chilly.  The walls have wood panels so have some insulation already.

Joe donated some thin wood panel which we cut to size to fit the spaces in the roof.



To hold it all in place we mounted 4 lengths of electrical conduit the length of the roof.



Before we mounted the wooden panels we put pipe insulation in the top side to act as air traps.  As expected with Camb-Hams we used hot melt glue to hold this in place.


6m Human Beam